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    Which of the following best describes your typical experience with finding parking spaces in crowded areas?

    • I struggle to find parking and often have to walk a long way.
    • I usually find a parking space after some effort.
    • I tend to find parking without much trouble.
    • It’s like I have a reserved spot waiting for me!
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    When you go out to eat, how often do you receive unexpected discounts or freebies from the restaurant staff?

    • Never
    • Occasionally
    • Quite often
    • It happens almost every time I dine out!
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    How frequently do you win prizes or giveaways in online contests or social media promotions?

    • Never
    • Rarely
    • Sometimes
    • I’ve lost count of how many I’ve won!
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    When you plan outdoor events, how often does the weather turn out to be perfect for your activities?

    • Rarely, it usually rains or is too hot/cold.
    • Sometimes it’s nice, but not always.
    • More often than not, it’s great weather.
    • It’s like I control the weather, it’s always perfect!
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    How often do you get unsolicited compliments on your appearance or personality from strangers?

    • Almost never
    • Occasionally
    • Fairly often
    • People frequently approach me with compliments!
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    When you need to catch a bus or train, how often do you arrive just in time without waiting for too long?

    • Rarely, I usually just miss it.
    • Sometimes I make it just in time.
    • Quite often, I rarely wait for long.
    • I have impeccable timing; I hardly ever wait!
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    In games of chance, like rolling dice or playing cards, how often do you seem to get the outcome you desire?

    • Rarely, it’s mostly luck.
    • Sometimes I get the outcome I want.
    • Quite often, I have a good success rate.
    • I almost always get the result I aim for!
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    Have you ever unexpectedly run into someone who had a significant impact on your life, like an old friend or a helpful mentor?

    • Rarely, if ever
    • It’s happened a few times
    • It’s happened quite often
    • It’s like the universe conspires to bring them to me!
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    How often do you find valuable items or money you had lost, seemingly out of nowhere?

    • Never
    • Rarely
    • Sometimes
    • It’s a regular occurrence in my life!
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    When you take risks or make bold decisions, how often do things turn out positively for you?

    • Rarely, I often regret taking risks.
    • Sometimes they work out, sometimes they don’t.
    • More often than not, things go well.
    • I’m a risk-taker, and it almost always pays off!

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