Link Building 101 SEO Quiz

link building 101 seo quiz

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    What are the three most important ranking factors for SEO according to Google?

    • Links, quality content, and social media presence
    • Links, quality content, and site speed
    • Links, quality content, and mobile-friendliness
    • Google has not confirmed the third factor
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    Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a healthy link profile?

    • Links are earned or editorially placed
    • Links are relevant and from topically similar websites
    • Anchor text is always exactly the same for all links
    • Links send qualified traffic to your site
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    What is the purpose of the rel=”nofollow” attribute in a link?

    • To increase the link’s SEO value
    • To make the link invisible to search engines
    • To remove the link’s “vote” for search engine purposes
    • To highlight the link for users
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    Which of these is NOT a recommended link building strategy?

    • Publishing a blog
    • Creating unique resources
    • Buying links from other websites
    • Getting involved in your local community
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    What is the relationship between social shares and SEO rankings?

    • Social shares directly improve rankings
    • Social shares have no impact on SEO
    • Social shares can indirectly lead to links and increased brand awareness
    • Social shares are the most important ranking factor
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    Which of these is a valid way to refurbish top content for link building?

    • Copying the content to multiple pages on your own site
    • Adapting the content for other platforms like Slideshare or YouTube
    • Changing the publication date to make it appear newer
    • Asking other sites to republish the content in full
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    What is the purpose of using advanced Google search operators in link building?

    • To manipulate search results
    • To find potential link opportunities more efficiently
    • To increase your site’s Domain Authority
    • To create backlinks automatically
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    Which Google penalty specifically targets sites that use spammy link building techniques?

    • Google Panda
    • Google Penguin
    • Google Hummingbird
    • Google RankBrain
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    What is the primary advantage of the Broken Link Building strategy?

    • It’s the fastest way to build links
    • It adds value to someone’s website
    • It guarantees a link placement
    • It bypasses Google’s algorithms

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