SEO Keyword Research 101 Quiz

seo keyword research 101 quiz

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    What is the primary purpose of keyword research in SEO?

    • To increase website loading speed
    • To identify and analyze words people use in online searches
    • To design attractive website layouts
    • To create backlinks
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    Which of these is NOT mentioned as a factor to consider when choosing a keyword?

    • Search Volume
    • Organic Click-Through-Rate
    • Keyword Length
    • Business Fit
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    What is “Barnacle SEO”?

    • A technique to optimize for voice search
    • Using other sites’ authority to rank on the first page
    • A method to create internal links
    • A strategy to build backlinks
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    What do you call the keywords that aren’t directly related to what you sell but are searched by your potential customers?

    • Long Tail Keywords
    • Shoulder Keywords
    • Body Keywords
    • Head Terms
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    Which section of Google Search Console is described as a “goldmine of keyword ideas”?

    • Security Issues
    • Links
    • Performance Report
    • Coverage
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    What is the recommended strategy for new websites in terms of keyword difficulty?

    • Target highly competitive keywords
    • Target low-competition terms first
    • Ignore keyword difficulty entirely
    • Only use branded keywords
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    What is the relationship between search volume and keyword difficulty?

    • They are inversely proportional
    • They are directly proportional
    • There is no relationship between them
    • The relationship varies depending on the industry
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    What term is used to describe keywords with lower search volume but higher specificity?

    • Short-tail keywords
    • Long-tail keywords
    • Branded keywords
    • Latent semantic keywords

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