Mastering Modern SEO: Solving SEO Issues

Mastering Modern SEO

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    What are the two main performance indicators that signal SEO issues?

    • Bounce rate and time on page
    • Click-through rate and conversion rate
    • Drop in ranking and drop in traffic
    • Page speed and mobile-friendliness
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    How often does Google make small updates to its algorithm?

    • Once a year
    • Once a month
    • Several times a year
    • Dozens of times each month
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    What is the purpose of enabling caching for improving page speed?

    • To reduce server load
    • To improve search engine crawling
    • To save a copy of the webpage for faster reloading
    • To compress images automatically
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    What does “indexing” mean in the context of SEO?

    • Ranking high in search results
    • Being categorized and added to Google’s database
    • Having a sitemap
    • Paying for search engine visibility
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    What is one reason you might deliberately de-index a page?

    • To improve its ranking
    • To speed up the website
    • For duplicate or gated content
    • To avoid Google penalties
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    Which of the following is NOT a method to optimize code for improving page speed?

    • Minification
    • Asynchronous loading
    • Lazy loading
    • Parallel processing
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    What is the recommended file size for a compressed image without compromising quality?

    • 50-80KB
    • 70-100KB
    • 100-150KB
    • 150-200KB
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    Which of the following is NOT a potential solution for pages that are not indexing?

    • Checking page settings
    • Requesting indexing through Google Search Console
    • Adding internal links to and from the page
    • Changing the page’s URL structure
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    What should be used as a last resort for a page that consistently fails to index despite other efforts?

    • Unpublishing, copying the code to a new page, and republishing
    • Contacting Google support directly
    • Waiting for the next core algorithm update
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    What is the primary goal of Google’s algorithm, despite its constant evolution?

    • To increase ad revenue for Google
    • To surface the highest quality content for searchers
    • To promote websites with the most backlinks
    • To favor mobile-friendly websites

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