SEO Competitor Analysis Quiz

seo competitor analysis quiz

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    What is the primary purpose of an SEO competitor analysis?

    • To copy your competitors’ websites
    • To gather insights about competitors’ strategies and improve your own SEO
    • To report your competitors to search engines
    • To find ways to sabotage your competitors’ rankings
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    In the context of SEO, what is a “keyword gap”?

    • The difference in keyword length between you and your competitors
    • Keywords that are too difficult to rank for
    • The difference between the keywords you rank for and those your competitors rank for
    • The space between keywords in your content
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    What is the purpose of analyzing a competitor’s lost keyword rankings?

    • To celebrate their misfortune
    • To identify opportunities for your own site to rank for those keywords
    • To determine which keywords are no longer relevant
    • To predict future Google algorithm updates
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    Who are considered your main SEO competitors?

    • Only businesses in your industry
    • Only websites with higher domain authority
    • Those ranking on the first search page for your target keywords
    • Only local businesses in your area
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    What does TF-IDF stand for in SEO analysis?

    • Total Frequency-Inverse Domain Frequency
    • Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency
    • Text Format-Indexed Data Frequency
    • Topical Focus-Integrated Domain Factor
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    What is a key benefit of analyzing competitors’ backlink profiles?

    • To copy their exact link-building strategy
    • To find new link opportunities for your website
    • To report competitors for unethical practices
    • To determine their marketing budget
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    What is the primary purpose of using a social listening tool in SEO?

    • To increase followers on social media
    • To track competitor’s personal accounts
    • To monitor brand mentions and engage with the audience
    • To automate social media posting
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    What is emphasized as important when evaluating keyword difficulty?

    • Always target the highest difficulty keywords
    • Ignore keyword difficulty entirely
    • Focus on competitors with lower overall scores ranking well for niche keywords
    • Only target keywords with low difficulty
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    Which of these is NOT mentioned as a factor to consider when analyzing a competitor’s domain strength?

    • Domain authority
    • Backlink data
    • Social signals
    • Customer reviews
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    How often should you ideally conduct an SEO competitor analysis?

    • Once a year
    • Only when your rankings drop
    • Regularly, as part of an ongoing SEO strategy
    • Never, as it’s not important

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