How Google Search Works Quiz

how google search works quiz

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    What are the three stages of Google Search?

    • Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking
    • Discovery, Analysis, and Presentation
    • Crawling, Indexing, and Serving search results
    • URL discovery, Web crawling, and Results display
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    How does Google discover new pages?

    • Only through manual submissions
    • By following links from known pages and through sitemaps
    • By randomly generating URLs
    • Through paid submissions only
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    What does Google use to render pages during crawling?

    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • A recent version of Chrome
    • Safari
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    What is a canonical page in Google’s indexing process?

    • The oldest page in a group of similar pages
    • The page with the most backlinks
    • The page selected as most representative of a group of similar pages
    • The page with the highest PageRank
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    Which of the following is NOT a common indexing issue?

    • Low-quality content
    • Robots meta rules disallowing indexing
    • Website design making indexing difficult
    • Slow page load speed
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    How does Google determine the relevancy of search results?

    • Based solely on keyword matching
    • Using hundreds of factors, including user location and device
    • By the number of backlinks to a page
    • Based on paid promotions
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    What is the purpose of the robots.txt file?

    • To improve page ranking
    • To specify which pages should not be crawled
    • To submit sitemaps to Google
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    What happens when Googlebot encounters a page that requires login?

    • It automatically creates an account to access the content
    • It skips the page and doesn’t crawl it
    • It reports the site as suspicious
    • It crawls only the public parts of the page
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    How does Google handle duplicate content across different pages?

    • It penalizes all duplicate pages
    • It indexes all duplicate pages separately
    • It groups similar pages and selects a canonical representative
    • It always chooses the page with the earliest publication date

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