SEO 101 Quiz

seo 101 quiz

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    Which of the following is NOT considered a part of “organic” search results?

    • Featured snippets
    • People Also Ask boxes
    • Paid advertisements
    • Image carousels
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    According to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, which of the following should be avoided?

    • Creating unique content
    • Participating in link schemes
    • Optimizing for user experience
    • Using descriptive page titles
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    What is “cloaking” in the context of SEO?

    • Hiding keywords in white text
    • Showing different content to search engines and users
    • Using too many keywords in content
    • Creating multiple pages for the same content
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    What is a requirement for a business to qualify for a Google My Business listing?

    • Having a website
    • Having a physical address
    • Having more than 100 employees
    • Being in business for at least one year
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    Which of the following is NOT a common user intent type?

    • Informational
    • Navigational
    • Transactional
    • Recreational
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    Why is it important to understand user intent?

    • To trick search engines into ranking you higher
    • To provide users with desired content in the desired format
    • To create more pages on your website
    • To increase the number of ads on your site

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